Importance of physical environment

Because physical environment makes a big difference in a young child's self-concept, all the furniture will be at the child's level. Tables, toilets, sinks, and bookshelves will be at their level. Everything needs to scaled-down to their size. This is an extremely important issue in our center so all the equipment has been carefully selected for each group of children to make them feel big and comfortable in their own space. 

Importance of the early years in brain development

We now know that brain development in young children is different than we once thought it was. Now we know that the first three years of life are extremely important because so much development is taking place. The brain develops every time synapses in the brain fire. We must encourage these synapses to fire by providing stimulation through the five senses (talking, tasting, touching, hearing. and smelling). This knowledge which children learn during the first three years of their life forms the basis for all subsequent learning. Therefore, this time is critical and we need to set up an environment where early experiences are encouraged and children's basic needs are provided for in a nurturing and loving way.



"Great Expectations was highly recommended to me! Compared to the other day care that we attended, Great Expectations is much cleaner, organization in the rooms is better, and more consistent!"
--Megan Fleming, Livonia

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"I always feel happy and comfortable dropping my boys off, because they love going to Great Expectations! As a matter of fact, my boys are bouncing in their seat with excitement every time we pull into the parking lot! The atmosphere is excellent and so is the staff! Great Expectations provides a wonderful service! I have felt a family presence and the interaction between the kids and caregivers is great!
--Daniel and Roy Brooks, Livonia


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