Testimonial from Parents of UPK students:


This UPK program at Great Expectations transformed our shy, unsure 4-year-old little boy into a confident, well-prepared future Kindergartener! The daily exposure to the topics a parent expects, like letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, in addition to things you don't, like using scissors to strengthen hand muscles and encouraging friendships, did a phenomenal job preparing our son! My husband and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire program!
-- Brittney and Peter Goodyear --

We have been lucky enough to have each of our three children selected to be a part of the Universal Pre-K program through the Honeoye Falls Lima School District. The class size is relatively small and there is one teacher and one assistant in each classroom. The format of the class is very similar to a kindergarten format. Through my experience I have noticed many similarities in my children's schedule at UPK and their kindergarten schedule. Their day includes a morning work time, where they do independent work; centers, where they move through different activities in small groups; reading time and play time. Most everyday includes time to play outside on the playground, even in the winter. There are careful security measures in place at the center. The door from the outside is locked. If someone the teachers does not know picks up your child I have seen them ask that person for identification. The teacher assesses the children so that they can see how they are progressing. These assessments are shared with the kindergarten teachers and will help place the child in kindergarten. The teachers works closely with the principal and Kindergarten teachers at Lima Primary to align the curriculum with what the children will soon be learning in kindergarten. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I have been with the UPK program. My children have been very well prepared for kindergarten. I would highly recommend the program.
-- Andrea and Mike DaGama --

I am writing as a parent of twins who just finished the Universal Pre‐K (UPK) program at Great Expectations in Lima. Going into the beginning of UPK, I knew that our boy/girl twins had a very different set of skills, and different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I was concerned how any one teacher (even with an aide) would be able to meet both their needs, but I quickly realized they were both being given exactly what they needed to succeed. My girl twin already had an interest in learning but the boy had zero interest, and yet by the end of the year, they are both able to read many (most) of the kindergarten words, know how to nicely write all letters of the alphabet, and most importantly are ready and excited for kindergarten. The benefits of attending a Pre‐K program associated with the school system are many (my previous child went to a private Pre‐K). They took field trips to the school so they already are becoming familiar with the school, staff, and the playground! In addition, the teachers used many of the same policies and procedures (such as shooting for the rainbow) that they will see in kindergarten. Of course it's also nice that they know more than a dozen other kids that will be entering kindergarten with them, ensuring some familiar faces in class and the hall.
        The classroom was organized, fun, and constructive to learning and socializing. I think the kids loved the visitors that came in (from parents and grandparents sharing about what they do for their jobs or coming in to read, to bringing community representatives like dentists and farmers in) the kids really took a great deal away from these experiences. The teachers did an amazing job of making every day fun and productive. The extra support from Mrs. Chatterton as the facility director was also very evident all year long and all together the team at Great Expectations is just fantastic.
        It was convenient for us to have the added benefit of the wrap care program at Great Expectations which we took advantage of a few days a week. The twins equally benefitted from the great teachers/staff of the daycare and had fun in a safe and supportive environment. I can't say enough positive things about our experience.

-- Tara and Chris Boggio --

UPK at Great Expectations was a great program. Our daughter really enjoyed it and it seems that she'll be very well-prepared for kindergarten. I would strongly encourage parents to consider UPK or another structured nursery school/preschool day care program for their children. As academic demands continue to increase for students in public education, having participated in UPK will be even more advantageous for children.
-- Heather and Jonathan Grasso --

Great Expectations has been a wonderful place for my daughter to start her education. She loves her class and her projects! The teachers and staff are attentive and provide a safe, entertaining environment. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone with little kids in the area.
-- Sam L. --

"Our son loves his Pre-K. He enjoys having Ms. Michelle and Ms. Julie as his teachers. They make learning fun and challenge him to work hard and try his best. He loves that he has made so many new friends and has so much fun on the playground!"
-- Keturah and Vincent Reedhead --

"Being a parent, one of the things I worry about the most is having someone other than me watch my child. I'm very lucky to be able to say that I no longer worry about that. My son absolutely loves Great Expectations Child Care Center. He is attending the full-day UPK program there currently and it is so wonderful. He has learned so much and has really opened up and come out of his shell. As a bonus , he loves his teacher. Every single day he looks forword to being dropped off and every time that I pick him up he is always cheerful, having fun and can't wait to tell me about his day. I could't be more grateful to everyone and the staff there. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my whole world."
-- Liz Morrow --

Our daughter loves going to Great Expectations! Her teachers care a great deal about her and are always supporting her creativity.
-- Roxana H. --

Thank you so much for taking care of Marco this past year. He absolutely loved his time at Great Expectations. We cannot thank enough Ms. Julie and Ms. Jackie for providing such a fun and loving environment for Marco. There is no one else we'd rather have as caretakers for our little Marco! Thank You.
-- The Pringles --

Our first experience with UPK at Great Expectations has been wonderful. My son has been thriving and loves going to school every day. He is learning so much and has benefited from a full day program. The teachers and staff are so supportive, caring, and attentive. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Wonderful! Thank you so much for your feedback. Thank you!
-- Teressa --


"Great Expectations is a fantastic environment for children! We love the fact that they go outside everyday when possible! They come home with the best projects! This tells me that Great Expectations does more than just watch our children while we work! I've seen wonderful improvements in our children since they started going to Great Expectations! Since day one, we have been happy with your service!"
--Dawn and Greg Moon, Rush


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